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About Scol'ERE Carbon Exchange

Intro to the project (3:24)

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On behalf of our many young students and their famillies, we thank you to support the Scol’ERE Carbon Exchange Program with your compensation. This money will serve the purpose of bringing the knowledge about the GHG phenomena and the sustainable development principles to an always greater number of students.

For they will be our next decision takers fully aware on the matter.


To continue your offset please follow the guideline below:

1- Look at the Offset Charter below and notice the amount of CO2 your trip has emitted;

2- Click on this link : https://qc.carbonescolere.com/je-compense/calculatrice/ and insert your GHG emissions (in Kg) here;

3- Proceed with the Offset (remember to enter the promo code ace2019).

Travel Chart

* Prices in CAD$

Educational Carbon Credit Charter

As an ACE 2019 participant or member, I am proud to offset my round trip to the event